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Jeil Auto Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.


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Welcome to Jeil Automatic Packaging Systems
and Automated Machinery Co., Ltd.

We are a manufacturer and exporter as specialist of Automatic Packaging Systems and Automated Equipments relevant to Automatic Packaging System Fields in Korea.

Especially we are concentrating in Food, Pharmacy & General Industrial Fields, such as Automatic Packaging Systems in Semi-Conductor, Electronic, PCB Packaging Systems.

Our main focuses are
“Customer’s Satisfaction with Best Quality /
Less Costs. More Profits /
Easy Operation, Stable Maintenance &
Superior High-Productivity"

We are trying to do our best for supplying much better automatic systems and equipments to many worldwide customers by improving of quality and diversifying of business.

With the basis of accumulated High-Technology and Business Know-How’s, We will develop and devote our Business Goals to our many customers with “Best Service, Best Quality and Best

Popularization and Generalization of Automatic Packaging Systems with New Frontier Sprit~!

We will be a new leader to realize the above mottos to new worldwide customers.

Thank you.

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icon 회원 가입일   2006/12/26 (년/월/일)
icon 역할 구분   판매상
icon 사업형태   제조업체
icon 설립년도   1990
icon 총 종업원수   6 - 10
icon 연간매출   USD 1,000,001 - 2,000,000

[ 연락처 정보 ]
icon 회사명 Jeil Auto Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
icon 주소 경기도 시흥시 은행동 248-7
(우:은행동) 한국
icon 전화번호 82 - 31 - 4042245
icon 팩스번호 82 - 31 - 4042246
icon 홈페이지
icon 담당자 alfredsong / The General Manager

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Tel : +82-31-404-2245(Rep.) Fax : +82-31-404-2246